Second whorl, the - drop the bomb

* Basic Yarn Design
Handspinning Woollen and Worsted Yarn
Preparing to Handspin Yarn on the Spinning Wheel
* Basic Handspinning Techniques
Adding On More Fiber
Plying Yarn with a Spinning Wheel
Navajo Plying
Making A Skein of Yarn With A Niddy Noddy
Setting in the Twist of Handspun Yarn
What Do I Do If? ...

George: Yes, it was. The US was, like the rest of the world, soldiering on towards the end of a dark period of human history that had seen the single most costly conflict (in terms of life) in history, and they chose to adopt a stance that seemed to limit the amount of casualties in the war, by significantly shortening it with the use of atomic weapons.

The St. John’s is the only large river in the United States that flows north. (The Nile in Egypt flows north as do all the rivers in Siberia.) The St. John’s starts in earnest on the east coast of Florida at Lake Poinsett, not far from the Space Center and due west of Rockledge and Cocoa. Lake Poinsett used to be an ocean inlet and has skate in it that have adapted to the fresh water. The river then wends its way north between various limestone and other formations to exit at Jacksonville. We know Bartram got at least as far south as Orlando, which is a couple of hundred river miles upstream from the St. Johns’ outlet. As plants don’t float upstream how did the Water Lettuce get inland?

Second Whorl, The - Drop The BombSecond Whorl, The - Drop The BombSecond Whorl, The - Drop The BombSecond Whorl, The - Drop The Bomb